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Do you enjoy drinking freshly brewed, rich-flavor coffee? Why not use the Hario Drip Pot next time you wish to make a proper cup of coffee to kick-start your day. With this drip pot you can prepare a delicious coffee using a traditional brewing method.

What makes the cloth method different? The coffee brews for longer when you use a cloth to extract all the goodness from your favorite coffee beans. The result is a robust, full-flavored and strong tasting coffee.

The Hario Drip Pot Cloth uses flannel material to filter instead of a regular paper filter. Drinking this type of coffee is ideal when you need a boost. With the Hario drip pot you can start each morning full of energy. This is one of the oldest methods to brew coffee. Taste a drop of the coffee history and it's possible you'll be converted to this brewing method with the Hario drip pot.