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Only 5% of the harvest is Peaberry, it’s a variation of the normal coffee bean. Instead of two flat coffee beans per cherry a single rounded one develops concentrating the flavors in this one bean.

Cuatro Sombras Peaberry is a single origin coffee from Yauco, Puerto Rico and hand-picked at an altitude of 2,600 feet. Our coffee is 100% arabica and shade-grown. It is sun-dried and then rested in our climate controlled bodega. After it is selected by size and density we hand-sort it one last time before carefully roasting it to a medium roast to accentuate origin characteristics.

In the cup it reveals a medium bodied coffee with a vibrant acidity with notes of semi-sweet chocolate, caramel and spices that contribute to a classic and clean cup.

The packaging has a one-way valve that preserves the coffee’s freshness.