Coffee from Yauco

Cuatro Sombras Coffee

Cuatro Sombras Coffee hails from the mountains of Yauco, where the climate, elevation and terrain work together to create the perfect environment to grow high-quality coffee beans, using advanced technology and the utmost care.

Cuatro Sombras is 100% Arabica coffee, selected when it's ripe and processed on the same day. Then it is sun-dried and stored un our climate-controlled bodega until it is ready to sort by size and density. We only use beans of the best quality.

You will find in your cup a medium-bodied coffee with vibrant acidity, joined by hints of semi-sweet chocolate, caramel and spices, all coming together to create a classical and clean cup of coffee.

Where its value lies:

  • This coffee originates 100% from Yauco, and it comes from limited harvests.
  • The coffee is selected by size and density, which results in an even roast and a cleaner cup.
  • We are committed to giving fair remuneration to our coffee pickers, to ensure we will obtain a ripe harvest.
  • We keep the highest quality standards to ensure consistency.

Special vs Gourmet/Craft Coffee

We are led by SCAA standards. The cupping process for special coffee needs to yield over 80 points. Cuatro Sombras had consistently gotten 88 to 90 points every harvest year.

Gourmet and/or craft coffee has been processed in smaller quantities, and is usually of better quality. However, there is no system to evaluate this type of coffee.

Peaberry is our extra-special coffee:

  • Coffee beans usually have two semicircular seeds. Peaberries only have one round seed, yielding a more intense coffee, since all its sugars and nutrients are concentrated in a single seed instead of two. Peaberries are selected by size and density, resulting in a more even roast and a cleaner cup.
  • Out of 100 coffee beans, only 3 come out as peaberries, thus the higher price for peaberry coffee.
Normal Bean

What is the best way to store Cuatro Sombras coffee?


In a sealed container in your cupboard. After opening the package, it is recommended that you consume its contents over no more than two weeks.